Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day Off

Needing a vacation from the vacation, we took a day of  R&R.  The morning started out sunny and hot so we took advantage of the owner’s laundry room to get some washing done, hanging the clothes on an improvised line on the terrace.  No sooner was that all organized than Zeus came out to play.  The owner had mentioned earlier that a front was coming in and that there had been 30 cms of snow last night in the alps near Salzburg.  Interesting development.

Then Zeus began a far off grumble as the skies darkened to the west.  Steadily the wind built until it became necessary to begin closing the windows and doors that we had opened to take advantage of the morning breeze.  The wind continued to build until it was whistling past the house with the occasional baritone roar thrown in for effect.  Pleased that we had not elected to go to the beach that we could see in the distance (now being pounded by surf) we settled in with our Kindles and enjoyed the first sprinkle of rain that we had seen since arriving in Greece over three weeks ago.  Not a deluge, but enough to explain why the west coast of the country was so much greener than the rest.  Perhaps I’ll pour myself a glass of Ouzo and sit on the terrace to get to know Zeus better.


Olives, olives, olives; Kalamata region

Our terrace

View from terrace

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