Sunday, August 14, 2011


We turned off the Rhine onto the Main River at Mainz last night and cruised up to Miltenberg, passing through several locks on the way.  After starting in Amsterdam at ten feet below sea level, we will cruise through 65 of these locks to a height of 1300 feet above sea level at the Continental Divide before descending towards Budapest.

Miltenberg is a miraculously preserved medieval village which survived the wars unscathed.  After a leisurely, guided tour through the town, we returned aboard for the afternoon lesson in how to make authentic Apple Strudel (Woo-Hoo!).

The Main, though still a shipping highway, is narrower and less busy than the Rhine.

River cruise ship squeezing into a lock

Main River vineyards

Miltenberg town square

For Perry, Lee and Rick: original Fiat 500 Topolino

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  1. Good stuff! Love that town square - it looks like a Disneyland set! It's hard to believe it has survived so intact.

    The Topolino is marvelous! Thanks for that. Looks like you're having a marvelous time over there....

    On to Budapest! Try the paprikash... :-)

    Cheers and Love,