Thursday, August 25, 2011


Thousands of years old, the Cradle of Democracy lay in sweltering late-summer heat today when we winged our way in from Budapest on a very comfortable Malev Air Boeing 737 in two hours (plus a one hour time-zone change).

Flew out of Budapest's modern airport to the chaos of Athens, dodged the limo guys and their E90 rides and got a fixed-rate taxi for E35 for the 45 minute ride to the city, found our hotel and settled in.  A breezy 34C here which is a relief from Budapest's record breaking temperatures and humidity.

Wandered around the corner to the Alexander the Great restaurant (named for one of our grandsons, no doubt)  where our waitress spoke such good English that she asked Reggie if she was Quebecois because of her accent!  Pegged Paul as a hybrid as well.

We settled on the Greek appetizer assortment for openers, followed by fresh Calamari and an Orange pie.  Exquisite.

A very happy Reggie savoring her first meal in Greece.

Happy Camper

First Aegean Cruise begins tomorrow.


  1. Ah, Athens!

    Yes my friends - The parthenon, the acropolis, the tsatziki! I remember seeing an episode of Thirsty Traveler where the host ends up having grilled fresh sardines and ouzo at a beachside cafe as the sun set into the Aegean sea. It seemed downright idyllic from my perspective.

    Enjoy - can't wait to hear about the cruises...!

    Job market for geezers hotting up.... Another meeting next week - I shall keep you informed.

    Cheers and Love,


  2. Wow. I'm really excited for you guys! Eating Calamari and Pikilia in Athens! I'm a little jealous, I must say...