Saturday, February 26, 2011

Homeward Bound

Up at 3AM to catch shuttle to Gran Canaria airport by 4 for a 6AM flight to Madrid. Mad scramble through vast airport, first walking miles then being directed to a shuttle bus and being dropped at another building with no visible identification, then walking more miles to finally get to the gate with 20 minutes to spare, to be told that we must board immediately because they had to leave right away and our luggage would follow later. Rushed on to plane, evicted squatters from the exit seats that we'd paid extra for and then sat for an hour. The good news was that the luggage had time to catch up. Then we set off into a headwind that added another hour to our transatlantic flight. Nine hours later, plopped down in Newark where Stefan waited to whisk us to his place for the weekend.

In sum, loved the Canaries and wouldn't mind spending more time there, but the 11-12 hour flight is a drawback. UNESCO has picked one town there as having the best climate in the world. Certainly seemed that way to us in February!

Now to get ready for Germany in August. Stay tuned......

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  1. Hey folks!

    Sounds like you had a great trip! I must admit I envied you your weather while I was slogging away through the slush or shovelling what seemed like daily snowfalls off the driveways and walkways...

    I have always thought February is a great month to just disappear to a beach somewhere to rid oneself of the "winter blahs". Good for you!

    Glad you enjoyed it... I enjoyed following along with your blog...

    Have a good time in New York/New Jersey and we'll see you soon...!

    Love and cheers,