Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Canaries Day 3

Spent Monday exploring the area and laying in supplies from the nearby supermarket/shopping-center. To hotel terrasse resto for what turned out to be the local version of an “American” BBQ with platters of all sorts of meat in a buffet-style setup. After the complementary Honey-rum digestif, back to room for a soothing read before bed. Sleeping schedules slightly deranged. First night, crashed about 9PM and didn’t wake up until noon Monday. Second night, to bed 11-ish only to be wide awake at 4AM and finally getting back to sleep-in till 10AM. Groggy today.

Nonetheless, strolled along the seaside promenade this aft, enjoying fresh breeze and balmy temp. Canaries have obviously been a popular tourist destination for some time. This is reflected in the prosperous, well-groomed, cleanliness of the place. Even the streetlamp posts seem to be chrome-plated, though that may be to prevent corrosion by the salt air.

More later, feel a nap coming on…..

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  1. Man - sounds great!

    I'll bet their fresh sardines are awesome on the barbecue! Along with some "honey rum" of course...