Wednesday, October 27, 2010

R & R

After Palermo, we opted for a few days of rest. It’s been a great trip but also a tiring trip. We’ve probably seen too much to absorb but that’s what pictures are for. Next time, more museums!

Out for supper last night with our Californian neighbours, we rolled confidently down to La Rotunda only to discover that mysteriously, they’re closed on Tuesdays. Somewhat taken aback, we roamed the darkened, largely deserted, seaside streets for a while until we came across the Café 113. By now it was 7:30, so feeling peckish we ventured in to discover a large, elegant restaurant. The Maitre d’ seated us, provided us with menus and drinks and left us to choose from the complete and English menu.

I opted for the fresh swordfish steak with a side of home fries and for desert a decadent Crepe Grand Marnier. The meal was excellent. We managed a parking spot back at the apartment, bade our new friends goodbye (they were off to Spain tomorrow) and collapsed for the night.

Canolis that would make Tony Soprano proud.

Yet another mountain mood.

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  1. El gucko! You all packed up and ready to come home yet?