Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Out of noisy B&B in Modena this AM, then down the A1 to Tuscany. En route, finally found one of the legendary Autostrade "Punta Blu" offices where you can go to sort out misunderstandings (toll booth at Genoa ate our ticket and issued us with a 66E fine, unless we went to Punta Blu and explained) and bought a 50E debit-card type pass for the Autostrada which simplifies life at the toll booths.

Blasted by Bologna to Florence, arriving early. Up a twisting, ¾-car width road to our gorgeous hillside B&B only to find it was full. Owner showed us the way(driving hell-bent-for leather down the trail with me in hot pursuit) to a friend’s B&B closer to town which had a very nice room for us. Settled in for a little logistics and rest.

Marvells arrive tomorrow, so need to map route to airport and then to our downtown Florence B&B where we’ll all stay for a few days.

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