Thursday, September 23, 2010

San Marino

Town gate

Shop owner explaining shopping to Reg

Archery pit where town crossbowmen practiced. Now used for tournaments.

View from funicular station.

San Marino

Leisurely colazione (breakfast) at the B&B then Autostrade (for a change) to San Marino.  After climbing the 657 meter Monte Titano to get to the old town, we eventually found an indoor, 10-story parking lot carved or grafted on to the side of the mountain (how much did that cost?) and took a series of elevators up to the town. Other than being the third smallest country in Europe, issueing endless beautiful postage stamps and showing a modest Changing of THE (ie: one) guard at 2:30 PM (the Premier arrived in a chauffer-driven Audi for the occasion) it’s main feature is an endless series of bling and souvenir stores. I could not find out why one would want to buy a Japanese Samurai sword (“Just like the one in Kill Bill!") as a souvenir of San Marino, but the ladies seemed to enjoy their day.

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