Monday, September 27, 2010

Rome - Day 2

THE Vatican for all of you good Catholics, we got a blessing via satellite from the Pope and everything.

Vatican's crowd getting the blessing with us.

Castel Santangelo, aka Hadrian's Tomb

Trevi Fountain

Spanish Steps


Tram to Termini then bus to Vatican. Pope apparently busy in Spain, so throngs of faithful treated to live Sunday sermon on Jumbotrons at the usual 11:30AM  time. Ate an overpriced lunch in the shadow of St. Peter’s (ironic that the only time we felt ripped-off in Europe was adjacent to the Vatican). Then a brief hike to Castel Sant'angelo.  Entrance was free this weekend, which was a good thing as we were all unimpressed by what’s left of the emperor Hadrian’s tomb.

Walked beside the Tiber and over to the Spanish Steps. Mobs of people and some steps in quite a nice piazza. More walking to the beautiful Trevi Fountain jammed into a tiny opening swarming with tourists chucking coins over their shoulders.

After a refreshing beverage, walked to the nearby Pantheon. Truly magnificent. An engineering/architectural tour-de-force that survives to this day and is still used by The Church as a basilica. The giant dome and marble decorations are stunning.

After a further long walk, we found a bus to the termini and our tram. Home for an Indian supper (for a change) after which Paul discovered his wallet was missing. As we reconstruct it, it was lifted on the tram home. Rome 1, Paul 0.

Well, have to get busy cancelling credit cards, etc.


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  1. Fabulous pics! - Due to the subject matter, but the photog is good too!

    What a bummer about the wallet! I remember whenever I was in a crowd situation in South America I used to put my hand in my pocket and hold my wallet. I was very paranoid about that.

    Thank goodness you have your passport and other credit cards..... it could have been much worse, I suppose.

    Oh well - onward and upward. Enjoy the rest of your stay in the Eternal City and let me know if you need me to do anything at this end.

    Cheers from my swingin' basement in Chateauguay!