Monday, September 6, 2010


After leaving Venice, worked south to Modena on the Autostrade and on to Parma on secondary roads. Found a B&B with space in a tiny village called San Secundo NW of Parma in the countryside. Sunday, nearly everything closed except The Mickey Mouse Pizzeria so settled on that for supper. Momentary panic when we walked back to the car and discovered we’d left Reg’s purse behind. Streets closed for a Western Carnival, but after several wrong turns and backing hastily out of dead-end alleys, found Pizzeria and purse still intact, being held by owner. Grazie!! Back to B&B exhausted.

Slept in, after Italian breakfast, off to Maranello at last. Found Ferrari factory ( so clean, you could eat off the ground in the parking lot!) and visited legendary museum, full of men of all ages, drooling, accompanied by indulgently smiling women. All Ferrari's winning cars are shown, some road cars, winner’s trophies, driver’s helmets and even Gilles Villeneuve’s winning F1 car. Writing from McD’s in Modena, so pics will have to come later.

Tomorrow, Firenze!


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