Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Wove our way to Ameriggo Vespucci Airport in time to collect the jet-lagged Marvells in from Canada via Munich. They brought with them their precious GPS, in went Conrad’s chip for Italy and we were once more in business. Found our way relatively easily to the Apartment in Florence and even found a nearby parking spot!

Unpacked, caught our breath and dragged Lise and Rick out on foot to track down groceries in the neighbourhood and back to the apt.

The ladies whipped up a wonderful pasta meal with fresh Parmesan and a nice Tuscan red. Out for a short walk after dinner, then early to bed for the Marvells.

Florence sunset

Our apartment in Florence

Local church

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  1. Sounds "Marvell-ous" (I'll bet they never heard THAT one before.... LOL)... I'll be here all week - try the veal!

    BTW - who is Conrad? Seems like you may have 3 people with you now...

    Totally confused in Chateauguay,


  2. Great to hear that Lise and Rick got there and that they got in the groove ( pasta and wine de rigueur for their first meal). Your blog sure brings back wonderful memories. It is nice of you to share your trip with us. Hopefully, your GPS will hang in there. It is a must.....

    Good continuation!

    Claudette and John