Friday, September 17, 2010


                              Marble workshop

Rainy day, so grabbed brollies and drove up through the mountains to Carrera where your marble tombstone will come from, if you are so inclined. The marble mines seem to be inside mountains made entirely of marble. They've been in use since Roman times and still produce 20,000,000 tons of marble a year.

Narrow roads are festooned with workshops, showrooms and enormous trucks lumbering down the narrow roads with immense blocks of marble on the back.

The white you can see on the hills isn't snow, that's marble.

We gave up before the top (mine closed because of rain), crossed the gorge to the other side and wound up on a road going back to the town of Carrera through the mountain! Fortunately, it was one way: down.
Sculptor at work

The road down

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