Thursday, September 30, 2010

Amalfi Coast

One of the many cities and/or villages along the Amalfi Coast.

A house built in the mountain, less taxes that way.......

A house and a patio on the Amalfi coast with their private beach

Capri's harbor from the ferry

Capri from the ferry pulling away

If you thought US 1 down the California coast was something, be prepared to be blown away by the Amalfi coast. Zipped south to the wrong end of Amalfi on the Autostrade and drove back up SE to NW to Sorrento. Unbelievable villages seeming to slide down the hills to the sea. A road that isn't merely a marvel of construction, it's a miracle! Stunning views at every turn and the usual platoons of kamikaze drivers. Stopped when we could and finally wound through Sorrento to catch the ferry for Capri. Fifty Euros later, car and passengers were unloaded in Capri Town (only cars owned by residents or foreigners can go to the island, no Italians). Cute as it may be, there is simply no provision made for cars. Try as I might, I couldn't find the way out of town, nor even a parking spot (though one guy would let us in if we left our keys. No thanks.). To the eternal disappointment of Reggie, we caught the ferry to Naples and the Autostrade to Pompei. I'll never live down the fact that we went to Capri and didn't stay.

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  1. Man! - Some people just know how to live! Looks really beautiful, and such variety of scenery! Too bad about Capri - You probably would have been better to leave the car on the mainland...! Maybe on the way back to Rome...

    Hopefully you wre ablr to procure some volcanic glass for your erstwhile geologist brother... LOL

    Still mild here, 18 degs, but pouring rain all day here....

    Following your progress on Google Earth! Keep on travelin'!