Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dinner in Genoa

Just back from a drive along the waterfront (slightly seedy as you would expect in a port city) and huge Italian supper at Terr I Salle. Not entirely clear on the all Italian menu we ordered Antipasto for two, pasta vongole for Reg and Scatti with spaghetti for me. After the basket of bread, two large sea shells appeared (with lemon quarters) covered in a pink sauce. They turned out to contain shrimp which we wolfed down. As we gazed fondly at the remains, two more dishes appeared; a plate of squid (with lemon) and one of anchovies (with lemon). While we tucked in, another plate appeared; salmon (with lemon). Manfully struggling on, we were startled to see a plate of clams in tomato sauce and another of oysters on the half shell (with lemon). Feeling stuffed and smelling of lemons we weakly faced our main course. Mine turned out to be lobster with perfect, al dente spaghetti.

Sixty Euros later,we reeled out onto the boardwalk for a brief stroll, then wound our way back up the serpentine side streets in the dark to our B&B for a glass of wine on the terrace and a loosening of belts as we watched ferries arrive from around the Med. Glorious.

Must remember that Antipasto here is NOT an appetizer!


  1. Great post, folks!

    Really enjoyed reading about all those legendary places. It struck me how quickly you went through them - but, of course, it is all very tightly-packed geography in that area, isn't it?
    And - you perhaps don't want to spend a couple of days in Monaco as it will drain that wallet pretty quickly to the equivalent tune of a week in Sicily!

    That meal sounds fabulous! Anyone who has ever been to Italy has waxed poetic about the superb food...!

    Keep that camera poised for Bugattis and other exotica, Paul - Up until now, you have only seen Veyrons in magazines and perhaps at car shows.... now, here they are in their natural habitat.

    Can't wait for the blog on Nice - the city so nice they didn't name it twice but actually called it "Nice".... (insert smiley face here)

    Cheers and Love,

    Your vicarious brother (and brother-in-law),


  2. Very exciting to read about your experiences. I loved the meal in Geona, would have needed to have a doggie bag...lots of great seafoods.
    Happy to hear that the GPS is useful. Many of your pics bring back found memories like Menton, Eze, Aix en Provence, Carcasonne, Perpignan, Pont du Gard, etc. Also many other places that we are discovering through your pic. You make us want to go back real soon...
    In the meantime our trip to Vietnam / Cambodia is confirmed, leaving Nov. 9th to return Dec. 5th. John and Alision (Aussie friends) will be joining us in Saigon for the entire trip. We are very excited about that opportunity to spend quality time with them again. Alison is a walking encyclopedia - we will see even more (non-touristy stuff) with them. Our escorted tour will be mostly just the 4 of us, at time we could be up to 8 persons for some legs of the trip. Voila!!! continue to enjoy and discover. You will get a lot of "souvenir" mileage from a trip like that. Maryelle and Conrad